Brio Pleated Door Screen


The Brio Pleated Door Screen for bifold and stacking sliding doors has been designed specifically for very large openings. Offering smooth and effortless operation, the pleated screen means optimal enjoyment of the outdoors.

These innovative screens are very lightweight, easy to operate and allow you to open up a large area and have it screened where, previously, screens were not available. The pleated lightweight screen can be up to 4.5 metres wide, operates from one side and can be pulled out horizontally. Two meeting screens can span up to 9metres wide and they can also be used on corner units with no need for a corner post.

The Brio pleated screen is easy to install and can be used equally well in renovation projects as well as new homes. It is suitable for both timber and aluminium bifold doors, timber stacking sliding doors and the 200, 300 and 350 Series aluminium stacking door systems.

Features & Benefits


  • Can cover off large openings from bifold doors or stacking sliding doors.
  • Stylish form to leave your home and alfresco areas looking great.
  • With smooth and user-friendly operation, these screens retract neatly when not in use, preserving views and enhancing convenience.
  • Keeps insects out while allowing fresh air in, promoting a comfortable indoor environment and extending outdoor living spaces.
  • By promoting natural ventilation and reducing the need for artificial cooling systems, Brio pleated screens contribute to energy efficiency and may increase the value of the property.