Product Spotlight: Timber Casement Windows

Introducing Canterbury Timber Casement Windows – a perfect blend of traditional styling and contemporary benefits that add a touch of modernity to an architectural classic. The defining feature of casement windows lies in their side hinges, […]

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Victoria and Queensland Officially Adopt NCC 7-Star Energy Efficiency Minimum

Following the lead of New South Wales, which implemented the mandatory 7-star energy performance ratings through BASIX on October 1st, 2023, Victorian and Queensland now must adhere to a Nationwide Housing Efficiency Rating Scheme of 7-stars. […]

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Understanding and Harnessing Passive Heating

“Many Australian homes are just glorified tents.”2 This quote from Queensland University of Technology public health professor Adrian Barnett will ring true to anyone who has shivered through a freezing Australian winter in a drafty […]

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Time Ticking For Victorian & Queensland Builders On 7-Star

Time is ticking for Victorian and Queensland builders until the mandatory May 1st deadline for 7-star efficiency ratings in all new home builds.  For builders, the leap from 6 to 7 stars is significant, more […]

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Flyscreens vs Safetyscreens: Which Is Right For You And Why.

As the summer heat and rains make their annual comeback, the surge in insect activity is impossible to ignore. Shielding your home from the persistent buzz of mosquitoes and flies is not just about comfort—it’s a […]

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Keep Your Home Quiet With Windows & Doors

  Living in bustling neighbourhoods exposes us to various sources of noise, from street traffic to boisterous neighbours, disrupting our peace and well-being. The impact of persistent noise on sleep, relaxation, and communication can be […]

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