Acoustic performance is an increasingly important element when considering windows and doors – thats where Eclipse Sound Solutions can help. Insulation from sound can shield from unwanted external noise and offer coveted privacy. The best solutions are the result of detailed assessments that tailor to suit individual requirements. We can help determine the best sound solution for your particular needs, depending on exactly what your acoustic issues are.

Noise enters a home via soundwaves that typically penetrate at the points of least resistance. This will most likely be windows and doors, as they offer less protection than walls. Disrupting these soundwaves is the most effective way to reduce noise penetration.

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How Eclipse Sound Solutions Can Help

Southern Star Windows Eclipse Sound Solutions products are high performance acoustic options designed and tested to minimise unwanted noise. There are several solutions available to help halt soundwaves traveling through your windows and doors and into your home.


Thicker Glass

Sound waves become weaker as they meet resistance. Using a thicker glass forces these sound waves to travel through higher density and is more likely to result in the sound reducing. Thicker glass is often the most useful solution to reduce low frequency noise.


Laminated Glass

A vinyl interlayer reduces the impact of sound waves and helps to dampen any noise. Laminated glass offers a slight improvement over single glazing of equal thickness.



Secondary Glazing

For louder sounds like heavy traffic, rail and aircraft noise – a second panel of glass with a larger air space is the best solution to significantly reduce noice. The use of different thickness glass is best.



Our Eclipse products are manufactured to consistently high standards, with the utmost quality assisting to achieve an effective acoustic barrier.

The Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) is used to rate the acoustic performance of our windows and doors. Rw measures internal sound transmission (the amount that will reduce noise) and consists of approximately 18 different frequencies that ratings are determined from. Our Eclipse Sound Solution range can provide protection against sound up to Rw 4.



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