Time is ticking for Victorian and Queensland builders until the mandatory May 1st deadline for 7-star efficiency ratings in all new home builds. 

For builders, the leap from 6 to 7 stars is significant, more considerable than the previous transition from 5 to 6 stars. So, what exactly does the 7-star energy efficiency minimum entail, and how will it impact builders and homeowners?



Understanding The 7-Star Energy Efficiency Minimum

The NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) assesses the energy efficiency of residential homes, focusing on how well they maintain their internal temperature.

This rating considers various factors, some of which were not significant in the superseded 6-star rating. (this may vary depending on climate zone)

These include:

  • Double-glazing for all areas except designated wet areas (bathrooms, laundries) 
  • Higher quality insulation.
  • Room size and function. 
  • Opening size and specification. 
  • Orientation. 
  • Location. 
  • Colour schemes – namely lighter colours in warmer climate zones.
  • Eaves.



Ultimately, the NatHERS 7-star energy rating aims to reduce the carbon footprint of homes, lower living costs for homeowners, and provide more comfortable living conditions, especially in the harsh Australian climate.

These requirements are already in place in NSW, implemented in late 2023, and will soon apply to all new builds in Victoria and Queensland from May 1st, with South Australia joining the ranks on October 1st.



Will Achieving A 7-Star Rating Cost More Money?

Fortunately, there are solutions to help offset the added costs of achieving a 7-star energy rating for new homes. One such solution is the high-efficiency Thermal Star™ range of aluminium windows and doors.

The Thermal Star™ range is designed not only to meet the low U values and high-performance Solar Heat Gain Coefficient required for 7-star performance but also to provide builders with cost-effective options to achieve 7-star performance without breaking the bank.



Get 7-Star Ready With Thermal Star™

Prepare for the upcoming changes and chat with our team today to learn how the Thermal Star range can help you achieve affordable 7-star performance in your future builds.

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