Have you heard the term ‘inline reveal’?

Inline reveals are revolutionising modern construction, offering remarkable benefits for both energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal of aluminium windows and doors. Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading an existing one, understanding inline reveals can help you make informed decisions that enhance your living space.




What Is An Inline Reveal?

An inline reveal refers to the seamless alignment between the window frame and the timber reveal. In a standard ‘offset’ reveal, the frame and reveal are misaligned, allowing aluminium to transfer external hot or cold temperatures into your home. Conversely, with an inline reveal, this temperature transmission is blocked by the reveal, significantly improving temperature control and energy efficiency.

Inline Reveal



3 Reasons You Should Have Aluminium Windows & Doors With An Inline Reveal

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1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Inline reveals can help improve the energy efficiency of windows and doors by reducing air leaks. Traditional installations often leave gaps between the frame and the surrounding wall, leading to heat loss and increased energy consumption. With inline reveals, the window or door is installed flush with the wall, minimising gaps and reducing air leaks. This not only saves you money on heating and air-con usage but also helps you achieve 7-star performance for your build.


2. Superior Noise Reduction

Inline reveals contribute to noise reduction by providing a more airtight seal around windows and doors. This tighter seal helps block external sounds from entering your home, creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment. The improved acoustic insulation is especially beneficial in urban areas or locations with high levels of external noise.


3. Smoother Aesthetics

Inline reveals give a clean, minimalist look that is highly desired in modern architecture. The flush installation creates a seamless transition between the frame and the surrounding wall, creating a sleek and uniform appearance. This feature is particularly useful in large commercial projects where a modern and streamlined look is essential.




Inline Reveals in the Thermal Star™ Range

The Thermal Star™ range from Southern Star Aluminium Windows & Doors incorporates inline reveals across its entire product lineup, including both the 150 and 350 Series, for enhanced thermal performance. To help you achieve affordable 7-star performance in your home or new build.


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