Window Screens for Southern Star Aluminium Windows

Seamless Integration for Practical Protection

Our window screens are crafted to seamlessly blend with Southern Star Aluminium Windows, offering both practicality and a cohesive aesthetic.

Durable Aluminium Frames

Featuring low-profile aluminium frames, our screens provide sturdy support without overshadowing the sleek design of your aluminium windows.

Customisable Colour Options for your Window Screens

Match the frame colour to your aluminium windows for a unified look that enhances your home’s exterior.

Versatile Mesh Choices

Choose between fibreglass mesh or aluminium mesh to suit your specific needs, providing reliable protection against insects without compromising airflow.


Window Screens for Canterbury Timber Windows

Enhanced Protection without Compromise

Our window screens are designed to complement the natural charm of Canterbury Timber Windows while providing essential protection.

Seamless Window Screen Integration

Each frame is carefully designed to blend with your window frames, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your timber windows.

Flexible Mesh Options

Choose from fibreglass or aluminium mesh to ensure practical protection against insects while preserving airflow and visibility.

Mesh Options


Fibreglass Mesh (Standard)
Aluminium Mesh (Option for Higher BAL Ratings)
Grill. Qld only