Awning Window Hardware

Comet Awning Window Winder, Non-Lockable.

Standard in VIC & SA. Range of Colours Available.

Comet Awning Window Winder, Lockable.

Option in VIC & SA. Standard in NSW & QLD. Range of Colours Available.




Double-Hung Window Hardware

Double Hung Window Sash.

Standard in VIC & SA.


Double Hung Window Sash Lock.

Option in VIC & SA. Standard in NSW & QLD


Sliding Window Hardware

Sliding Window Sash Latch.

Black. Standard in VIC & SA. 100 & 200 Series

Sliding Window Sash Lock.

Black. Optional for VIC & SA. Standard in QLD & NSW. 100 & 200 Series.

Gamma Sliding Window Sash Lock.

Black or Chrome. Standard with the 300 Series.


Casement Window Hardware

Casement Window Winder.

Black. Standard.

Folding Casement Window Winder.

Black. Optional.

Casement Window Latch.