Living in bustling neighbourhoods exposes us to various sources of noise, from street traffic to boisterous neighbours, disrupting our peace and well-being.

The impact of persistent noise on sleep, relaxation, and communication can be profound, leading to irritability, headaches, and stress. The key to maintaining a quiet home lies in understanding how sound travels and taking proactive measures to fortify our houses against unwanted noise.



Understanding Sound Travel



Noise finds its way into our homes through the points of least resistance, commonly around doors and windows. These areas typically offer less acoustic insulation than our walls. To combat this, creating additional barriers and sealing gaps becomes crucial in minimising the intrusion of disruptive sound waves.



Effective Methods for Soundproofing Your Windows and Doors


Thicker Glass

Sound waves weaken when met with resistance. Opting for thicker glass forces sound waves to travel through higher density, reducing overall sound levels. This is particularly effective against lower frequency sounds, known for their ability to penetrate homes more readily.

Laminated Glass

Ideal for combating louder and constant noise like heavy traffic or aircraft, secondary glazing involves adding a second panel of glass with a larger air space. Using a different thickness for the second panel maximises its effectiveness in noise reduction.

Secondary Glazing

Because flyscreens do not need to conform to any universal security or quality standards, they can be made from less expensive materials, and tend to be less expensive overall in comparison to security screens. They also tend to be easier to install for any DIY inclined homeowner, eliminating the need for costly installation.


Improved Seals

Ineffective seals around doors and windows are common culprits in sound penetration. Upgrading to superior seals significantly enhances sound protection while adding sturdiness to the overall product.



Introducing Eclipse Sound Solutions

Southern Star Windows & Doors’ Eclipse Sound Solutions range offers high-performance acoustic solutions tailored to minimise unwanted noise. Through a detailed assessment of your specific needs, we can recommend the most suitable method to address your acoustic requirements, ensuring your home becomes a haven of peace and tranquility.



Take Action For A Peaceful Home

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