As the summer heat and rains make their annual comeback, the surge in insect activity is impossible to ignore. Shielding your home from the persistent buzz of mosquitoes and flies is not just about comfort—it’s a vital investment in your well-being.

Dive into our exploration of the world of flyscreens and safety screens, and keep pesky insects at bay. Explore the art of creating a space that’s not only open and well-ventilated but also your sanctuary from the summer insect invasion.





Flyscreens are specifically aimed at keeping your home free of mosquitoes, flies, wasps, bees – really any type of flying or crawling insect. 


Because flyscreens use tight woven fibreglass or aluminium, they’re usually able to keep out between 90% and 99% of all insects. In Australia, this is a big deal. As well as Japanese Encephalitis, mosquitoes expose us to diseases like Ross River Virus and Dengue Fever, so having flyscreens will go a long way towards keeping your family safe.


Flyscreens also tend to lend themselves better to more open, outdoor living. Options like the Brio Pleated Insect Screen or the Retractable Flat Screens can cover off large openings from bifold doors or stacking sliding doors, all with a style and panache that will make your home and alfresco areas look great. 


Because flyscreens do not need to conform to any universal security or quality standards, they can be made from less expensive materials, and tend to be less expensive overall in comparison to security screens. They also tend to be easier to install for any DIY inclined homeowner, eliminating the need for costly installation. 





Safetyscreens are essentially more robustly built Flyscreens, that are designed to keep out both human and insect thieves. 


A sturdy frame provides higher levels of security for your home and can potentially repel even the most determined thieves. The robust build quality also means a much harder wearing product, able to withstand children, pets, and high levels of wear from heavy traffic zones in your home. 


The sight of safetyscreen doors on your home can also act as a deterrent for would-be thieves on the prowl for vulnerable homes to rob. Screens made with Alu-Guard also look great and make use of corrosion-resistant materials – meaning your safetyscreen will continue to look great for years. 


Safetyscreens may be more expensive than fly screens (generally) – but are they worth the investment? Absolutely. You can’t put a price on the safety of your family and the protection of your belongings. 



Which Is Right For Me

Both options can find a practical place within the one house. If you want a beautiful, open alfresco area at the back of your home – maybe a flyscreen is the better choice. If you want a sturdy front or side screen to ward off potential thieves and to stand the test of time, the safetyscreen could be the way to go. 

Your best option is to get in touch with our team of experts. Tell them about your unique home and let them provide the best recommendation for you and your lifestyle. 

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